sam branan was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. branan graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2011, having earned two bachelors degrees and several awards and scholarships for art and art historical research. While open to using any and all media as appropriate for the project, the artist is especially interested in photographic- and installation-based work. In addition to making, sam branan is concerned with the exhibition of art and artifacts, particularly with the politics of representation within institutions and display arenas. The artist’s photographic work has appeared in several publications and has been exhibited in various bay area venues. sam branan is presently pursuing both commercial and personal work.


I am interested in analyzing memory and perception, and mining them in an effort to research their correlation with experience. In doing so, my work simultaneously seeks to question and resolve the authenticity of memory and experience. I explore these concepts through interactive, performative, and/or ambiguous processes and outcomes, which usually yield installation and photographic-based results. Thus, my work functions in an non-finite, conditionally convergent manner, in which the viewer plays a crucial role in meaning-making and resolution. The work explores that space between collective and individual perception/memory/experience and attempts to navigate it. Investigation of the roles which space, landscape, home identity, and the common/individual nexus play is crucial in this endeavor.