Dis-covered Elements

This work represents an inquisitive observation and investigation of a specific physical environment. In a calculated, yet almost frantic attempt to know and connect with an unaccustomed and unsettling new domain, I was compelled to take inventory of my surroundings. Dis-covered Elements is about experience and re-experience. It is about taking a further look, and is an attempt to organize, classify, and define an unfamiliar context. It is concerned with researching that environmental facade which may too easily flow by in the periphery and go on uncharted and anonymous. Dis-covered Elements is an effort to force myself to actively engage with my environment rather than avoiding or ignoring it. While I consider this work a categorization and comparison of locational elements, I remain acutely aware of the images’ function as a subjective sample of findings.

The project is displayed as a series of three large grids, each accounting for one wall in a single room. There are three accompanying audio recordings, which play continuously throughout the duration of the installation. The individual audios’ correspondence with each grid directs the viewer’s attention to a particular grid through simultaneous visual/auditory association. Thus, the viewer’s own experience with various settings dictates their complicity with the piece.

+ this project is a collaboration between sam branan and Kyle Hart.