Perverted Coincidences

This project explores interactions with memory, considers the relationship between personal experience and collective memory, and questions the authenticity of recollection. Memories exist within the archives of the mind as constructed phenomena. Events are instantaneously categorized by the brain for later retrieval, yet right away begin to degrade as well. This destruction is progressive, and increases each time one attempts to recall something, although one remains incognizant of this effect. In this series, the ambiguous, constructed nature of memory is explored. Particular attention is given to the effects that memory recollection may have on the mind and body, and especially the trauma of laboring to recall fact while constructed fictitiousness remains impending. Here, positioning within and personal relationship to time and space is variable and/or undefined. Compulsively repeated elements and the undetermined character of the images alludes to their function within a search for resolution. This reference is at once both deeply personal and more broadly pertinent.